Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Topic/Question Our Response
“How do I send you my information?” For electronic documents, we prefer clients to use our ShareFile client portal or other secure portal or file-sharing service.  Dropping off or mailing to our office is also fine. Clients who provide documents digitally are generally billed less in administrative or scanning time.
“What is your preparation process and style?” We do not prepare returns in an in-person ‘interview’ setting. Our clients generally send or drop off their documents, then we begin processing the information and working on your return.
“When will my return be done?” As soon as possible.  You can expect to hear from one of our tax preparers if they have any questions regarding your return, even if just to confirm the bank account to be used for your payment or refund.  Once our tax preparers have fully drafted your return, it will be passed along to Tiffanie for final review.
“Do I need to come in to sign the return?” Only if e-filing is not an option, such as for amended returns or late returns.  We send most returns through DocuSign to be reviewed and authorized.  The IRS now requires justification for not e-filing current returns.
“How do I pay my taxes?” If you have a balance due, we can assist with an electronic payment by bank account (recommended), or provide vouchers to make a check or credit card payment to the IRS and applicable states.  Some states do not have online payment options, and we will let you know when action is required on your part.
“How do we pay you?” Once your tax return is completed we will invoice you for billable time and expenses related to the filing.  As for payment options, we use an ACH Payment Service, accept checks, and provide links on our invoices for credit card payments.  More information will be provided on our invoice.
“Can you make up or estimate my numbers if documents are not available?” Estimates are fine for extensions.  To complete a return we will need complete information, and we will let you know if questions arise during the drafting process.  We will not be able to finish a return until we are reasonably certain we have accurate and complete information.
“Is there a penalty for an extension?” There is no penalty for the extension itself, only if your tax liability is underpaid.  We would recommend making a conservative payment on April 15th with your extension, and we are happy to facilitate.
“Can I drop off my shoebox of receipts for you to summarize?” We are often approached with bookkeeping projects during tax season.  While ‘yes,’ we do have several bookkeepers on staff, most of their time is devoted to our bookkeeping contracts and other recurring client work.  In short, we can’t promise to complete 12 months of bookkeeping by April 15th.

We won’t judge you if your “dog ate your Quickbooks file” or some other calamitous event occured, and we are happy to extend your return and make it a summer project.  We will do our best to communicate with you if more time will be necessary to complete your tax return (i.e. file an extension), as soon as we know. 

“Can you review my self-prepared tax return on TurboTax before I submit?” Generally not, at least during tax season (January-April).  TurboTax is intended for personal/individual use, and it takes more time for us to review your return on TurboTax than preparing it ourselves.  We also have to prioritize clients who have engaged with us to complete their return.  We’re happy to review your tax return over the summer and assist with filing an amended return if necessary.
“Can I send you my information through Google Drive or Dropbox?” We do not recommend this, mainly due to the lack of visibility our staff has into our partners’ accounts.  Due to our growth, we need our administrative staff to have the ability to manage documents and process them into our local network. If you share a Dropbox folder with our partner, there is a very high chance that it will not be seen.
From New Clients Our Response
“Are you taking on new clients?” Yes, we are always taking on new clients.  Depending on the complexity of your return and the timing, we may recommend an extension so that we have more time to review and collect information.
“What are your rates?” Our hourly rates range from $75/hour to $275/hour, depending on the staff member and type of work being performed.  

We  would be happy to prepare a quote for your return(s).  We will need a copy of your most recent tax return(s) to provide the estimate.

“Do you require up-front payment?” In some cases we do collect a retainer.  This will depend on several factors, such as the type of work or project.  We will confirm if a retainer will be necessary when we provide you with your quote.
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