Tax Preparation

We specialize in tax return preparation for closely-held businesses and the individual income tax returns of people that go with them. We provide planning and advising services to all our clients.  Our client base has an emphasis in property management (both residential and commercial), professional services (lawyers, architects, construction, real estate) and the hospitality industry (restaurants, bars, B&Bs).

We file Federal Forms 1040 (Individuals), 1041 (Estates and Trusts), 1065 (LLCs and Partnerships), 1120S (S-Corps), 1120 (Corporations), and 990 (Non-profits).  We can also help you make estimated tax payments, address the implications of stock compensation, and plan for years ahead.  Additionally, we will help with state and local returns and compliance as required for your tax situation.

If you have questions regarding document retention or need help finding forms please visit our Helpful Links and Tips page. (Link to some IRS tables – FICA limits, retirement plan limits, mileage rates)  Extensions are your friend!

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